About Jay Desind

Jay Desind is a writer and photographer from the United States. He is the author of four books of photography and poetry. A favorite on social media, Jay shares his slightly offbeat vision of his travels to an ever-growing audience of admirers.

Jay's photography has been featured in gallery showings in Colorado, Minneapolis, and Portugal. He has also given talks about his travels and experiences to audiences in Santa Fe, New York City, Oslo, Norway, and Venice, Italy.

Jay is the author of four books of poetry and photography and has currently completed two new projects:

everyday : A Photographic and Written Odyssey One Year in the Making


Lost in Language : A memoir 

Coming soon:

The Exhibition(ist) : The Life and Art of Jay Desind (A Mockumentary)


My Vietnam : The Sequel to Lost in Langauge

Writer • Photographer • Adventurer

Jay Desind

Writer and photographer


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